Treating Headache and Migraines with EMDR

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This webinar covers the fundamentals of headache assessment and treatment as well as how to apply the 8 phase EMDR approach for headache treatment. EMDR assessment, resourcing and reprocessing will be reviewed and can be used in person or via telehealth. You will also be allowed to download the Headache Impact Test and view a recorded demonstration.


Learn about the internal and external factors that commonly trigger headache and migraines


Learn about the different types of headaches and their typical presentation


Learn how to apply the EMDR AIP model to use with your clients to help their headache and migraines

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Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, LPC is a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of trauma and holds Diplomat status as a clinical mental health specialist in Trauma Counseling.  She is also a certified Yoga Therapist and is an EMDR Approved Consultant. Deb provides counseling (including EMDR) and neurofeedback at the Center for NeuroPotential in Branford, CT.  In addition, she is active in training clinicians throughout the world. She was trained in the treatment of neurological disorders and headache while employed in a Neurology practice by board certified Neurologists.

Ready to Uplevel your EMDR Skills?

You have invested a great deal of time, money, and energy in building your EMDR skills. Now it's time to learn an application that will allow you to better serve your existing clients as well as attracting new ones. Because we are not offering CE credits, we are able to keep the cost of this webinar down at the low price of $39!


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