EMDR Beyond the Basics: Attachment and Early Trauma

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1:00 - 4:00 PM -- 3 EMDRIA Credits -- $149

Learn about the signs, symptoms and presentations of preverbal trauma.

Learn how to modify EMDR integrating the EMDR Early Trauma Protocol, Ego State interventions and attachment focused resourcing and interweaves.


Learn a comprehensive approach for treating preverbal trauma and attachment wounds.


       This Live Webinar (no recording provided) covers the fundamentals of preverbal trauma assessment and treatment as well as how to apply the Early Trauma EMDR protocol. Assessment of early trauma, attachment focused resourcing and interweaves  will be reviewed and can be used in person or telehealth.


  • One hour of group consultation included. 
  • Private Meeting Space for ongoing support

Topics Covered

  • What is preverbal trauma?
  • What's missed when preverbal trauma isn't treated?
  • How preverbal attachment wounds alter the sense of self.
  • Integrating parts work with preverbal trauma.
  • Shifting language when processing preverbal trauma.
  • How to resource clients who process preverbal trauma.
  • Resetting the affect circuits
  • How to use bilateral stimulation with preverbal trauma
  • How to target preverbal memories

Your Presenter

Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, LPC is a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of trauma and holds Diplomat status as a clinical mental health specialist in Trauma Counseling.  She is an EMDR Approved Consultant who is board certified in Neurofeedback, is a certified Yoga Therapist and is trained in many trauma modalities. She specializes in early trauma and attachment wounds.  Deb provides counseling (including EMDR) and neurofeedback at the Center for NeuroPotential in Branford, CT.  In addition, she is active in training clinicians throughout the world. 

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